It shall snow in Chamoli

Kaustav Das Modak
1 min readJul 17, 2018


Photo by Gaurav K on Unsplash

Have you seen the fogs roll up
Spread among the mountains,
Glistening, sparkly, wispy,
On the way to Chamoli?

Do you know the life of a fog?
Oh, how stuffy and trapped it feels!
The claustrophobia of clustered mists
Hanging on Chamoli’s peaks.

Do you know how much I want to tower?
Oh, how I wanna cut off the sun!
How I would be more than a fleeting mist
And make Chamoli’s days go dark.

Oh, Chamoli!
You shall see a different me!
Oh, Chamoli!
I’m going to break free!

I envy the cars that
Crawl over the mountains
Rising higher and higher on the roads
(The mountains’ scars)
Twisting and turning, every bend a-rising,
Till they reach Chamoli’s coves.

I long to rise. I long to grow into a cloud.
I too shall crawl up and rise by the hillside.
Watch me swell up and burst on the mountains!
and, oh, rain upon Chamoli!

You saw my beauty,
Now witness my rage.
See me float up, see me break my cage,
See me rise up and grow and how
I come down as snow on Chamoli!

I shall make it all dark and make it all white.
Oh, it shall snow in Chamoli!



Kaustav Das Modak

Looking for patterns in chaos.